Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on the amount of cash back I can get on a loan with you?

No, there is not a maximum cash back limit. The loan to value will determine the highest loan amount we can make.

Can someone else pledge a property for me to borrow against?

Yes, it is common for a family member or associate to offer a property as collateral for a loan for someone else.

Do you require a credit report, tax returns or bank statements?

No, nope and nadda! Show me the property!

I don't have much equity in my property, but a friend has a property with lots of equity. Can you lend on both?

Yes, we can make a 2nd deed mortgage on both properties to achieve a loan-to-value that works.

Do you make personal or consumer loans?

No, we only make loans that are for a business purpose. Any corporation, LLC or person who is using the loan funds to invest for a profit would qualify as a business purpose.