We are real estate equity lenders that focus on loans in the greater Puget Sound region. All of our loans must be secured by real estate and be for a business purpose. The primary underwriting factor we look at is a low Loan-to-Value (LTV). Generally we can lend up to 65% on a property value. In some cases the LTV can vary depending on the transaction.

Information we need to determine if a loan is possible

1. Property address and parcel number.
2. Loan amount requested.
3. Contact information from you such as, phone number and email.
4. Estimate of the property value.
5. A breakdown of payoffs from the loan proceeds.
6. A brief description of your loan proposal.
7. Any additional property information such as pictures, plans, purchase and sales agreement.

We will follow up with a phone call to review your request and determine any additional information needed. Interest rates, fees and terms also vary depending on the transaction. Most loans are secured by a first deed of trust.

I encourage you to call me for details – my cell phone number is (253) 302-6226.